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Human Resources

What will the future of work be like? How can we quantify this, historically rather unquantified, part of a company? Which skills are valued in an AI-driven future? And what is the moral impact of these changes?
#newWork #AI #psychometrics #universalBasicIncome #education


What makes a good relationship? How do friends and lovers differ? How will matchmaking be different in 30 years?
#tinder #friendfinding #matchmaking #quantifiedSelf #algorithms #matrix #predictions


Is there free will? What is the moral way to live? Do we need morals? What is fair? What place do emotions have in a quantified future? What opportunities arise?
#noFreeWill #veilOfIgnorance #aynRand


How do should policies react to a more quantified future? How will culture and society change due to psychometrics? How can democracies deal with large scale, psychometrics fueled manipulation? How can we make governments innovate? #cambridgeAnalytica #fairness #policy #seasteading #competition

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